Friday, October 05, 2007

Oak Street Kindergarten Featured in Gazette

Photo credit: Ken McGagh/Milford Daily News Staff photographer

Heather McCarron's article in this week's Franklin Gazette opens:
It’s "choice time" in Dolores Sherlock’s kindergarten classroom at the Oak Street Elementary School, and the children are variously engaged in reading, playing dress-up, and creating artwork with pieces of construction paper, Q-Tips, cotton balls, crayons and colored glue.

"London Bridge is falling down," chants 5-year-old Lily Barney, watching some Q-Tips she has fashioned into a bridge begin to sag under the weight of the glue she has used to meld them together.

No matter. She tilts her head closer, as if the added concentration might make a difference, and props the Q-Tips back up.
Read the remainder of the article here.

PS - yes, Dolores is my lovely and talented wife. You can check out Dolores's classroom page on the Oak Street web site for additional info on the full kindergarten class schedule and pictures of her friends activities.

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