Monday, October 08, 2007

NPR: One Room School Series

For the record, National Public Radio (NPR) had a series on one room schools during 2006 around the United States. Croyden (NH) happened to be one of those selected.


  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Steve - This series was actually done in 2005 and is well worth a listen/review.
    Listed below is a web site for people interested in one room schools:

    One comment from an NPR listener:
    "I hope and pray that each of these one room school houses continues to thrive and remain open. They are a great reminder of how schools should be run, locally and with the community involved." J. A. Hinerman

  2. Thanks Anonymous, according to the NPR webs site, two programs were broadcast in December 2005 and the remainder in 2006.

    A one room school house in a small community is fine but in a larger community too costly and in tight money, unnecessary.

    The educational benefits of multiple graded students working together is actually great. Having all the same class grade together doesn't justify the educational expense.