Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Franklin needs a bigger pie

Michael Morton did a good job of telling a story based upon what was said during last night's discussion forum with the Town Council candidates. But it seems to imply that my question came in the middle of the session when in fact, my question started the whole discussion.

My question addressing the whole row of candidates:
In what I have heard and read about your positions on the split tax rate, I understand that the tax revenue today can be considered one pie. Both businesses and residents pay the same rate. What the split tax rate does is create two rates or two slices of pie, one larger than the other. I don't see how that solves Franklin's problem. What we really need is a bigger pie. How are those who are for the split rate going to increase the size of the pie?

Read Michael Morton's full article here.

Stay tuned for my write up summarzing their answers.

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