Sunday, October 14, 2007

Franklin: Candidates Split on Tax Rate

Michael Morton continues his election preparations with a summary of the Town Council candidates and their views on the discussion of a split tax rate in this article in Sunday's Milford Daily News.

Let's see. The revenue pot remains the same under a split rate. It does not increase taxes. Can't. There are only two ways to do that, pass an override or increase the tax base.

Businesses would pay a different rate than regular tax payers.

Oh businesses like the ones that employee folks who might work in Franklin.

If they have to pay higher taxes, they would take their business elsewhere.

Hmm, where would that leave the Franklin resident taxes? Faced with additional increases sounds like to me.

Split tax rates are not a solution to our problem.

I think our problem is how do we increase revenue in an equitable manner. We are all in this together.

Or do you think our problem would be solved with split tax rates?

I'd like to hear your rationale.