Thursday, October 11, 2007

All in favor!

Franklin, listen up
Your local school board makes the decisions that determine how your community's children are educated and how your tax dollars are spent. Voting for school board members is a simple but powerful way to support student success and strengthen your community.

Every child enrolled in your school district is a reason for you to vote in school board
elections. The overall quality of your local schools, both now and in the future, rests with decisions made by the board of education. You want the best and the brightest of your fellow citizens in charge.
The Center for Public Education has a nice flyer with information on how to prepare yourself to vote. Since we are facing an election this November with all the School Committee and Town Council spots up for grabs, the time to get informed is now.

Click through to take a copy of the flyer for yourself. It is PDF file, virus free and equally important FREE for the taking.

You Have Everything to Gain—or Lose
Everyone—not just parents—has a stake in the success of public schools. When schools are strong and students succeed, everyone benefits.
• Good schools are good business—they attract employers, strengthen the local
economy, and enhance property values.
• Good schools ensure our students will be prepared to keep our nation competitive in
a global economy.
• Good schools keep the American Dream alive with an opportunity for every child to
receive a world-class education.
• Good schools keep the quality of life in a community high by producing citizens
who pay taxes and obey the law.
• Good schools teach students from all backgrounds how to live and participate in our

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