Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Successful weekend

How do you define success?

For this weekend, by how much was accomplished!

Plenty of time in the kitchen

  • Steak slow cooker dinner (Sunday)
  • pea soup (Sunday) (planned for Tuesday dinner)
  • beef stew (Monday)
  • syrup (Monday) (for pancake breakfasts)
defrost freezer (Sunday/Monday)

caught up on shirt ironing

replace VCR, rewire home system to ensure devices work together
(reduced number of remotes from 6-4) (Don't get me started on a "universal", I don't believe one exists for the combo we have; trust me, I've tried)

Completed verification of the answers to all questions for the Level I USA T&F Coach Exam (yeah!)

oh, and I did manage to do a bunch of blogging related things


  1. Hi Steve - thanks for visiting the Z list on my site...I agree, getting through all of these is a job in itself and I started a W List which gives me yet more sites to track down. But the great thing is the community it is creating and the meetings that would never have happened otherwise!

    BTW we accomplished a lot this weekend too - finally finished tiling our cottage....must be the moon.

  2. Tammy,
    thanks for stopping by. Congratulations on your tile completion, I am impressed those tiles are wonderful!