Monday, January 22, 2007

Cooking Lesson Learned

Regular readers may have noticed that I like to cook. One aspect of cooking that always is intriguing is being efficient and in particular using left overs creatively. A spiral ham for the holidays left a ham bone which became split green pea soup. This was one time when we did not have enough ham to also make a ham hash (maybe next time).

We had some egg nog left over and I have been trying to find a use for it. Other than served with a shot of brandy as a nice night cap, that is.

Since it is egg and milk, why not use it to make French toast?
No, not good. It soaked the bread too much and burned too quickly.

Why not use it in a pancake mix? After all you add egg and milk to make pancakes?
No, also not good. After multiple tries, the mix was either too thick or too thin. When too thick it did not cook well enough before burning. When too thin, it was messy and again tended to burn too quickly.

So for any knowledgeable cooks out there, what is it in egg nog that prevents it being used in these ways? Is there some way to compensate?

Or do we just drink it?

thanks for any assistance you may provide.

1 comment:

  1. Egg Nog = High in sugar

    Sugar + Heat = Burn fast