Friday, February 12, 2010

This one time ... at podcamp

Yes, there was this one time at PodCamp Western Mass 2 we got this interactive t-shirt.

Interactive? Does it sweat by itself?

No, silly. You wear it like any other t-shirt. It has this barcode that you can read with your iPhone or one of the other smart phones. My Droid Eris has an app for that (Shop Savvy)!

This new QR Code technology will read the code with just the app and your smart phone camera, recognize the code, and then take you to the website embedded in the code!

Quick and easy.

The interactive code for our PCWM t-shirts takes you to the PodCamp wiki page where all the posts, videos and photos have been linked. You can never forget what the link is and how to get there!

The QR Code from the picture above also works with my phone camera!

So, what else is it good for?

Merchants can post the code in their windows to announce a special sale. Passersby with their camera phones can read the QR Code and come into the store prepared!

There likely will be other uses besides these two but that will get us started.

And to think I got my first interactive t-shirt at PodCamp Western MASS 2!


Note: In all my PodCamp experiences, this "one time" ranks amongst the top five. In no particular order, my top five would be:
  • CC Chapman and Mitch Joel's session at PodCamp Boston 1
  • John Robison's session at PodCamp Western Mass 1
  • With Steve Garfield and the gang to do a fire eagle danger day video for Ze Frank
  • Introducing John Robison and Chris Brogan at PodCamp Boston 4
  • The interactive t-shirt from Podcamp Western Mass 2