Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blogging 102

This concludes the Basic Blogging series:

Now that you have thought about why you will blog,
  • determined your goal and audience
  • set yourself up to build your network
  • to comment on blogs
  • to follow some blogs
  • and actually set up your own blog
you are ready to do your first post.

You click on the button to create a post and you have a blank sheet in front of you.

Don't panic!

This is when you start to write.

Write as if you were talking to a good friend.
Be conversational.
Be careful to avoid lingo that others may have trouble following, explain an acronym before using it.

There are countless writing resources available. You may have already found some in the course of your own research during Blogging 100.

For a quick sample, you could read and follow

Joanne Young who writes at
Julie Roads who writes at
Patti Digh who writes at
Christina Rosalie who writes at
Robert Fulghum who writes at
Ronni Bennett who writes at

For specific writing on blogging you can review
Liz Strauss on blogger best practices
Darren Rowse has Problogger tips
Chris Brogan who writes at
Seth Godin who writes at

The best way is to just start, try it, listen to feedback, adjust accordingly and go forward.

You will find your own writing style, your own voice. It is not likely to happen over night. Like anything, it takes practice. Have fun practicing!

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