Friday, June 06, 2008

Dogwood bloom, the weight of water

Following the inspiration of Amy Palko's posting, I took a few minutes between activities to take a breather. The ground was too wet to sit on. No time to grab a chair or blanket. Time enough to grab the camera.

The backyard is fully green now with blooming June glory. The trees have filled in shutting off the views into the neighbors yards and in to the new development encroaching into our previously empty back space.

The dogwood caught my eye weighed down with the rain. A gentle but persistent rain today. It will be heavier they say before it ends. For now, a gentle mist even as I come out into the yard. My shoes getting wet. They will need to get wiped before returning into the house or I will hear of it.

The dogwood weighed down with water. Water droplets so small. So clear. How can they weigh so much to bend the tree and branches down?

Water the fluid of life. The fluid of cleansing, of renewal, of baptism.

Note: the sherku that resulted from this can be found here

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