Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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Updated: 6/3/09
Updated 2/9/10
Update 6/13/10

Welcome, thank you for stopping by. I have recently changed to the newer 3-column Blogger template leaving behind the Thur Broeders templates I have used for years.

What I'd like to do is to walk you through how I have laid out the page here, to bring to your attention some features that may help your visit to this collection of pages.

Your feedback on this layout is welcomed. If this layout doesn't work for you, let me know so that I can make some changes.

The left column is where the blog posts appear in chronological order, most recent on the top, scrolling down to the last on this page, before it rolls over into the archives which are collected by year and by month in the center column. You can expand the year, to get at the months. Expand the month to get at the individual posts within. My archives happen to go back to September 2004. I have posted fairly regularly since then.

I have pulled out 
My Important Links into a new page along the top menu. These provide some additional insights into what I have written about. Hopefully, the location will enable you to find some good stuff more quickly. With Tertiary EducationPassion for the Good Customer Experience and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Blogosphere in hibernation (they are no longer being updated), I have moved any relevant collections here and separated My Important Links from My Collected Writing. Links to the hibernating blogs can be found along the bottom of the far right column.

I have provided the links to the other blogs where I write in another new page available along the top menu line
  • Franklin Matters - my local or place blogging public service effort
  • Jerry's Story - the oral history of my father and our family
  • Passionate Runner - where I write about my running and provide coaching advice
  • quiet poet - the home of sherku and my other poetry
  • Job Search Jam Sessions - about the learning, sharing, and networking at the unconference for the unemployed and underemployed

On the far right column, my profile appears on top. Yes, that is a picture of moi (sometimes two of me to continue the "2 cents" theme). I hope to remember to change them at least seasonally.

Along this column, the second box begins the subscription options. You can subscribe to all of Steve's 2 Cents via RSS Feed or email. In a parallel lineup, on the outside column, you can also subscribe to just my "job search notes" via RSS Feed or email. Hopefully, these choices will suit your needs.

There is a box separating the subscription options for Steve's 2 Cents and the "job search notes". This box will enable you to find me on other social media sites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Technorati, and Flickr. There is also a general RSS Feed option.

All I published is covered by a Creative Commons for non-commercial, share-alike with attribution usage. You can follow the link to obtain the legal details.

Well, I hope this helps you to navigate around the page. Do not hesitate to click on a link. It will usually take you a good place. I try to check all my links.

If you do find a broken one, please let me know. I do not like for folks to have a bad experience, especially since one of the themes I write about is creating good experiences!

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  1. Mr Franklin,
    I would like to post your blog in my links as an example of how blogs can work for you.
    Your idea on how to navigate your blog is a great example for my friends who are working on their blogs.
    My Son tells me our Web Pages are to be a single idea personified, and our blogs are where we can stretch out our arms to hug the other stuff we are in to. I must say that you are a great example of that.
    Thanks for the Peek into your world.


  2. Thanks for the thorough tour, Steve! Our paths keep crossing, so I'm glad to be visiting and will definitely be back. Thank you, too, for your blogging inspiration!


  3. steve,

    this is my second look at your generous site--my effort to understand the blogworld in more depth. simple things--technorati, feeds--continue to elude me.

    a long phone conversation with ronni before she left nyc was very helpful. perhaps elderbloggers need a virtual "millie's son" site! thanks for your input. naomi

  4. Anonymous1:45 AM

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