Sunday, October 28, 2012

walking around

On my 'reporting by walking around' Franklin, I carry my camera and find photo opportunities. Some photos I use right away, some are filed away for use when I need either inspiration or an example of something I already found to help make the point.

Yes, 'reporting by walking around' is a take off on the 'managing by walking around' business concept that has had some legs because it works. It becomes harder to do today physically only because less of us are really all working in the same space. Some of my team at work are not in the same building so touching base with them can't be done by walking around. Technology steps in to help. I can still reach out to talk, chat, email etc with them every day.

Walking helps me keep in touch with what is going on around Franklin. I make time for that on the weekend. With my work schedule and shrinking daylight hours, the weekend is the only practical time for this. Networking can be done on a 7 x 24 x 365 basis. What used to be done only in person can now be done almost anytime, anywhere via technology. Chat, hangouts, email, LinkedIn... the choice of tools is almost growing daily.

Do you make time to walk around?

Do you make time to network?

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