Friday, July 23, 2010

job search notes: I'm on LinkedIn, now what? - updated

My presentation document "I'm on LinkedIn, Now what?" for the Hopkinton Networking Group on Friday, July 23.

This document served as the starting for for a facilitated discussion to share tips on making LinkedIn a more powerful tool for those on the job search. I had a live internet connection to demo with LinkedIn and other websites answering questions from the group along the way.

An earlier version of this presentation can be found here

I'll get a round to updating this some day but in the mean time, there are two important changes to note.
1 - The Google Reader is no longer available. I use Feedly as my RSS Reader now. The functionality is similar and are being improved over time.

2 - LinkedIn actually turned off the RSS feed in Dec 2012. Other sites still use RSS and RSS is still a valuable tool.