Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rapid Fire Learning

Expanding upon this comment I left on Rosa Say's Talking Story blog for the February version of Rapid Fire Learning

February, the shortest month, is still long on learning experiences! Here are my five:
1 – It was good to step back in front of the group of eager learners at PodCamp WesternMass and take them through Blogging 101. I wrote up the notes I used for the session and broke them out into individual pieces of Blogging 100 (the principles), Blogging 101 (the setup), and Blogging 102 (the doing). You can find the collection here
2 – The fickleness of New England’s weather is no longer unique to our area, it seems everyone is having many changes to adjust to. For the folks in the Washington, DC area who doubt climate change is here, it was time for a good lesson.
3 – Each new day is a commencement on the remainder of life, it becomes a it becomes a good day when any combination of two of these three things occur. It becomes a great day when all three things occur: you learn something, you help someone, you laugh
4 – Took the opportunity to combine some fun and games with the learning I share each day by creating Twitter Bingo. What? Yes, the details can be found here.
5 – The job search continues. I have been fortunate to find more opportunities to apply to. So I am leveraging the network to ensure that the application gets seen. I have confidence that once I get to the in person interview, things will work out the way they should. My resume is being re-done to more properly include the blogging, social media and "community information director" role, I have created for myself. Hence the “essence of Steve” is being further refined. 
I manage change to create a good experience. I help people (and business help their customers) navigate the intersection where business process meets technology.
What did you learn this month?