Friday, January 29, 2010

job search notes: giganomics

This week, I'll combine "5 for Friday" and this focus on job search notes to review giganomics.

One term that pretty much describes an approach to the slowly recovering economy is giganomics. The job recovery is not going to be quick, especially from the Fortune 500 where many of the jobs have been likely lost permanently. The recovery will come from the small to medium business and entrepreneurs. Hence, it will be a slowly more organic growth.

Some reading on giganomics

1 - From January 2009, a Newsweek article

2 - Credit apparently goes to Tina Brown for coining the term

3 - From Sep 2009, an article focusing on the impact for Information Technologists (IT)

4 - From earlier this month, an ABC video clip features one of my fellow contributors to the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog, Karen Swim.

5 - And finally, it is not just a term for the US as seen in this Sky News report
Sky News report on giganomics


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