Sunday, January 31, 2010

JJL has come to an end

Rosa Say has posted on the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog announcing that the site is ending.

I left the following as a comment on the last post (I added some formating and links here that I did not do there):

I must confess the thought, the fact, that JJL is ending is not doing down too well. As I just tweeted
RT @JJLhui Learning Healthy and Joyful Endings “game over” for JJL; for the site, yes, for learning, no!
When those of us together on the Team Synergy blog recognized the end, we had achieved synergy and it was enough for that time.
I have always felt JJL was different. The archives of posts and comments show proof of that. We have learned so much here, and yet we have so much more to learn. That JJL is ending, for the moment, is the lesson I will be struggling to understand.
I found that my good friend William Shakespeare did once compose a sherku:
Parting is
Such sweet sorrow
That I shall say
Good night till it be
I’ll see you all around. Good night, good night, good night…

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