Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Double nickels of link love!

I have a tradition of running a mile for each year I have been around on my birthday. As I get older, that gets harder to do by the mile. But one can change the measure to minutes and be successful. This year that would be farther than I can do on the comeback trail so I settled for 2.55 miles. Cute huh!

But I was still thinking about what I could do for double nickels.

Send an email? might be considered s*p*a*m... not good

Send a tweet each minute? might be inconsiderate of my followers... not good

Give link love? ah, the gift that everyone appreciates!

Now how do I get 55? Since my bloglines feed listing exceeds 800, this by nature will be selective. Let me count the ones I most frequent or find the most good stuff on. In somewhat alpha order since I started with Blogrolling listing. If I left you off, it may have been an oversight or a sign of my new age. :-)

800 CEOReadBlog
37 Days
A Clear Eye
Bernie DeKoven
Blog Brothers

Brand Soul
Chris Brogan
Chris Owen
Christopher Penn
Confident Writing

Dark Reading
Dan Ward
Dave Rothacker
Doc Searls

Dwayne Melancon
EM Sky
FAST Company

gillianic tendencies
Good Experience
Greg Balanko-Dickson
Hamguin's Hideout

How to Save the World
John Richardson
Joy of Six
Joyful Jubilant Learning
Karen Wallace

Learned on Women
Make it Great
my topography
New Charm School
Occupational Adventure

Ptak Science Books
Phil Gerbyshak
PureLand Mountain
Robert Fulghum

Seth Godin
Songs of Experience
Talking Story
Terry Starbucker

Tim Millburn
Time Goes By
Tom Peters
Tomorrow Today

World Changing

Sanders Says

Ze Frank

Beach Walks with Roz

Limerick Savant


Who would you add to this listing?


  1. Happy B-Day Steve! I noticed that you and Phil G have the same day.

    I am honored to be on your list brother!

  2. Happy, happy Birthday Steve! I hope your day is full of wonderful celebrations and lots of love.

  3. Happy belated birthday fellow birthday boy! 55 years young for you my friend!

    Thanks for the link love...but WAY more importantly, thanks for the friendship! YOU make it great!

  4. @Wizaard - yes, how cool is that to share a birthday with a great guy. Twice blessed.

    @Karen - many thanks Karen, it was a good day and there are more good ones coming.

    @Phil - it takes two to make it great, thanks for your friendship!

  5. Happy Happy! I am just wrapping up my year 55 = hope yours is wonderful. And thank you for including Beach Walks!

    Love, Rox

  6. You are most welcome, Rox. I can walk the beaches virtually with you!