Monday, November 03, 2008

Not a good morning for the MBTA

Franklin: MBTA StationImage by shersteve via FlickrThe Franklin Line was significantly delayed all during the prime time for commuting today. I got the first indication of trouble from the T-Alert saying that the 5:05 was not going to start at Forge Park and that the 5:45 was going to run 15-20 minutes late. Reading between the lines, I could guess that the 6:15 wasn't going to run on time either. It didn't.

At 6:25, the T-Alert said it was going to run 20-25 minutes late. It actually got me into Boston about 40 minutes late. I continued to see alerts about the 7:07 and the 7:45 running late. When did the Franklin Line get back on schedule, about noon time?

I did experience a first this morning. The one conductor (a female by the voice but unseen during the journey) did get on the intercom when we left Franklin with the standard reminder about having your passes and tickets ready. I guess it was about Norwood Depot she came back on and said, "You can put your tickets and passes away. I am not going to get around to checking them today. Don't leave them behind."

That was considerate of her. First time I heard on the intercom that they wouldn't check the tickets. Usually, the aisles are too crowded (not the case today) and they just don't come by. If this happens too frequently, this may cause the T to consider raising the parking rates more than the double they have scheduled for November 15th (from $2 to $4).

If you haven't signed up for a T-Alert, you can do so here.

You can also join Clever Commute where the riders share the updates.

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  1. This is one of the reasons I buy 12-ride tickets instead of a pass. I also alternate between zone 2 on the Stoughton line (128) and zone 3 Islington and bike commuting. A free ride is the least they can do when it runs a half hour late...but pass holders will never "benefit" from that.

  2. That is a good move Dave.

    I live out too far to make those options work for me.

    And yes, they do discriminate against the monthly pass holders by not providing the rebates for late rides.