Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

The sunshine is too glorious to waste today. Good walk completed, it's time to waterproof the deck. I cleaned it last weekend. The sun will help dry it today.

What are you doing on your Labor Day?

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  1. Steve, I have wondered at times, not surprisingly those times when I was employed in jobs which were not satisfying, if every other day of the year which is not Labor Day would not be properly referred to as, "Unlabor Day."

    Some years, I was ready to celebrate all year long.

    Great job on the deck, by the way!

  2. Rick, that is a good point on the "unlabor" day. I hadn't heard that one but it works for me.

    I am fortunate to be challenged at work. It is exciting to go. There have been times when the "unlabor" mode occurred in prior roles that I have played in the course of my working life.

    The deck did come out very nice. When you come by New England sometime, you'll have to stop by. I think we could spend a few worthwhile hours talking and attempt to "solve the world's problems.