Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Knowledge networks

I am on the ad-hoc Mentor Steering committee at work. I had the opportunity to met with others of like interest around mentoring on my recent Denver trip and picked up this link to three key skills for survival today and forward.

Knowledge synthesis: This, in fact, is the skill of the future. With search technologies bringing us more information than we can possibly assimilate into productive action, we are more in need of the ability to merge concepts into a new, comprehensive understanding.

On-demand learning: This is pivotal to fulfilling the knowledge-sharing needs of today’s top executives. To meet the demand, successors require highly tuned skills in cultivating multiple developmental relationships concurrently, and they need the freedom to access mentor resources.

Global reach: This is essential for commanding mastery of top enterprises. The Web can bring the world to our desktops, yet many people still rely solely on temporary cross-cultural assignments to build this awareness. It is possible for successors to have diverse cross-cultural relationships without leaving their offices.
The full context for these three bullets can be found here.

How do these talk to you? Do you agree or disagree?

Curious to know. Drop me a line to explore further.

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