Sunday, June 08, 2008

Gillette Stadium transforms magically

This photo mosaic attempts to convey some of what the transformation felt like on Friday night at Gillette Stadium. The New England Revolution played the first game of a double header. They beat FC Dallas 2-1 in the first game which was decently attended, approx 11,000 or so.

It was hard to calculate as the stadium from the second half of the Rev's game until 9:00 PM continued to get filled with a steady flow of fans mostly wearing the gold and green of Brazil.

Final attendence was reported at 54,000 plus.

The place was rocking!

This YouTube clip captures some of that rocking feeling!

This YouTube clip captures the entrance of the Brazilian and Venezuelan national teams.

After Venezuela jumped to a 2-0 lead, the place seemed to quite down somewhat. The Brazilian team got booed as they headed to the locker room at the half. They made a spirited effort to comeback during the second half but the scored remained 2-0.

We were fortunate to see all five goals for the evening scored in front of us. The Revs scored twice in the first half and surrendered a late goal to FC Dallas as that game finished 2-1. Both Venezuelan goals were in front of us. The first was an officiating mistake. The line judge was out of position to call an offside on Venezuela and the player ended up one-on-one with the goalie. The second Venezuelan goal was a good move on their part assisted by a break down on the Brazilian defense.

My seat neighbor, a Brazilian native now living in Clinton, MA was happy to have such a community feeling in the stadium. He was a little upset that his team did not play good defence like the Boston Celtics.

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