Saturday, June 28, 2008

Deja Brew Bottling night

I missed the brew night but couldn't miss the bottling night. That is when you get to take home the goods! The trunk was filled with a few variety cases so I'll be set for most of the summer with this selection:

Off Kilter Scotch: Full-bodied & malty, a Scottish style strong ale.

Honey Summer Ale: A slightly sweet, honey kissed summer ale by Eric

Killer Honey Ale: A smooth red ale, light hop palate and good malty character

Oktoberfest Beir: A slight fruity accent with a deep gold color

The Rock: A Brewery in Latrobe, makes something similar to this

Red Head Ale: A lighter red, it is well rounded and ends softly.

If you are in the Shrewsbury, MA area you should check out Deja Brew. Visit their web site here

My prior visits (some with pictures) are recorded here.

A little work with a little refreshment is a good thing!

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