Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big picture milestone

I had recognized last week that I had achieved a milestone here at Steve's 2 Cents with my 2,000 posting. I went back to check across my blogs to see what the total is since September 2004 when this all officially started:

Blog Posts Status
Steve's 2 Cents 2007 Active
Franklin Matters 782 Active
Passion 4 Good Customer Experience 626 Hibernating
Hitchhiker's Guide to Blogosphere 493 Hibernating
Passionate Runner 490 Hibernating
Tertiary Education 328 Hibernating
quiet poet 202 Active
Jerry's Story 81 Active


This excludes posts on 100 Bloggers, Team Synergy, and Joyful Jubilant Learners.

Note: The total above for The Hitchhiker's Guide is an estimate of my own posts and less than the total for the blog itself. This was a joint effort with others involved over time.

I guess I have been busy :-)

There is plenty in the archives if you want to go looking. The links to each of the blogs can be found along the left column in either the active or inactive categories.

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