Monday, May 26, 2008

"This is just a fantastic thing they've done for us,"

On this Memorial Day, consider a contribution to

Who is Honor Flight?
Honor Flight Network (, whose mission is to bring 12,000 World War II vets to Washington, D.C., this summer. That's double the number last year.
You may recall that my brothers and I took my father, Gerald (Jerry) Sherlock to Washington, D.C. last December. We did visit the WWI Memorial as well as the Iwo Jima Monument, and the Marine Corp Museum out at Quantico, VA. It was a great trip. He thoroughly appreciated it.

I still have items recorded about the trip to post (yes, I know I am behind).

As I left for Denver last week, there were a higher number of travelers than I expected in wheel chairs and WWI memorabilia boarding the plane in PVD headed to BWI. When I saw this article in the USA Today on Thursday, I said to myself "I bet that's where they were going!".

Consider helping another WWII veteran travel to Washington, D.C.
Consider a donation to

One good way to say thanks on this Memorial Day!

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