Saturday, May 03, 2008

SOBCon08 - live blogging Brian Clark

Brian Clark talking about the Triple A Model of a Social Media Business

1 - Attention
2 - Authority
3 - Acceleration


Attention Rules
  • choose a high demand subject area
  • position the site to be remarkable
  • offer independent value with content
  • utilize headlines and hooks

"headlines are where the game is won or lost"
"hooks are the angle you take to make one piece of content stand out from another"

Authority Rules
  • transform attention into authority via social proof
  • capitalize on link equity for search engine optimization
  • maximize subscriber base and build sub-slits
  • promote affiliate offers to see what the market wants
"we're living in a marketing adverse society unless you are telling them what they want to know about"

Acceleration Rules
  • build "back end" pages and spin off sites
  • develop your own products or services
  • test landing page copy and offers
  • outsource and automate
"don't think of your RSS feed as your site"


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