Saturday, May 03, 2008

SOBCon08 - Live blogging - Anita Bruzzese (my notes onlne)

Terry Starbucker gives the opening remarks

"we have the dreamers disease"

Liz Strauss thanks the sponsors

they have the insight into providing sponsorships for this conference with less than 1000

Network Solutions
Plante Moran
Jim Beam
The Summit Executive Centre


Anita Bruzzese is stepping up to the mic

"walking the bone" - editorial review, facts checked, it has to be right

34% consider their blog to be a form of journalism
56% spend time making sure it right

"The power of the written word has not been diminished by the internet"

managing your reputation on line, "walking the bone"
1 - What is the source of your information?
2 - Who is the source of your information?
3 - Is the information credible?
4 - Are you being fair?

To be inclusive, ensure a first time reader feels welcome and part of the conversation, don't force them to go through two years worth to get up to speed.
5 - How will you respond when you make a mistake?
6 - What will be your response when someone attacks you?
7 - How do you encourage worthwhile comments?
8 - How do you have an ongoing evaluation of your reputation?
9 - What is your fine line in the stand?
10 - Will you stand the test of time?
Q - on how to handle negative comments, attacks, etc.
find a way to say thank you, turn them into readers, use one more eloquent one to do a guest post, in some cases, if the attack is coming from somewhere that is not credible, then don't go to their level, ignore them

if the commenter repeats themselves, then the conversation is not progressing and hence over.
silence is not an answer

You can find Anita on BlogTalkRadio at "Smash The Ladder"


  1. Thanks a lot for the summary. Sounds like Saturday was packed with good info.

  2. Brad, yes Saturday was packed full of good speakers with lots of information. I tried capturing it all here. Now, I'll sit back it put together an overall post on what I would take away from the event.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!