Saturday, May 03, 2008

SOBCon08 - live blogging - Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett

had to reboot so I missed some notes, there will be video available, some one is capturing the whole day (FuelMyBlog)

Don't rehash ideas. Take the time to give your opinion and add to the conversation. (Hey, that is Steve's 2 Cents)

Not every post has to be book length.

A really good question is often much more powerful than a really good statement.

Use mind map tool to brain storm a topic, it will end up providing your categories for you!

Develop an editorial calendar to plan out what topics will be delivered, and when!

Planning works for those with single writers on one blog and becomes more effective when you have multiple bloggers working on multiple blogs.

Likes to have 4-5 posts in draft, ready to go when ever, an evergreen post

For the five minute blog post, start with the end point in mind and work backwards
what do you want to leave them with?

Who for?
So what?

what is the impact if you did this? what is the impact if you did not do this?

flagship content
held up by pillar content
original thoughts
community content

filler content

prioritize your feed reading!

focus your time (yes, agree agree agree... one reason why a number of blogs have hibernated so I can spend the time on the ones left active)

ready. aim. fire. reload.
practice makes perfect but you don't have to be perfect, just keep trying


Blogfire (off line reader)

Skype (yes, good phone tool)

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