Friday, March 21, 2008

Lisa Stone is a gem

How many speakers take time before they deliver their speech to walk through the audiance to introduce themselves to those gathered to hear them speak?

I can think of one; Lisa Stone.

She did navigate her way amongst the tables and chairs to get to some of the group. For those in the back, alas, she did not have enough time as some conversations along the way delayed her. But the attempt, the effort was priceless!

Thank you, Lisa. It was a real pleasure meeting you.

More on Lisa's talk as part of the Berkman@10 program can be found here (the Berkman announcement), here (a audio recording of her remarks) and here (the audio of the Q&A session that followed her remarks).


  1. Steve, thank you! I honestly was amazed people came, the night before Good Friday and spring break on campus. It was a pleasure to meet you too.

  2. You are most welcome Lisa.