Sunday, February 26, 2006

A-Listers, Technorati Ranks, Successful Blogs, et al

This week has seen another round of discussion on A-listers, Technorati rankings, and links. The round up goes something like this:

Evelyn's ranking dropped presumably because she was on her two month adventure to the tsunami area.

Jory starts a BlogHer
discussion on A-listers which during the discussion vers into carnivals...

And Rocky attempts to qualify as a successful blogger.

And this is just from catching up going through my own Bloglines listings. So what do I have to say about this? Something I said before:
Forget about the masses. They are lost for now; you can do nothing for them. It is not kind, it is not Christian but that is what it is. You put on your own oxygen mask first before you can help another. That is the reality. Focus on the voice and those who heed it.

Be aware of the partially engaged, toss them a word, or stray bone, or two. Someday they may come around, someday something will awaken in them and they will respond but until then, nothing more.

The voice, you the blogger or blogher, should focus your writing on the fully engaged part. Feed them as much as they can feed you in turn. There is a mutual dependence.

Know yourself. Go to the well, understand that which is you, the real you. There is no other like you.

Prepare your voice. Practice, practice, practice!

Listen to your audience, pay attention to what they tell you. They sell no mirage. They have come to you for food and sustenance. Feed them.

Feed them and you will find sustenance for yourself.

This is the circle of life, the blogger/blogher life.

Read the whole fire-circle story.

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  1. I'm with you Steve, well said. I like what both you and Jory have to say about a focus on the writing and one's voice - in being true to those things, I do believe that everything else follows as it should.

    For me, blogging has become about the joy in a community which grows with the growth of those within it; traffic numbers have become irrelevant.

    I like the kulia i ka nu'u view of the competitive spirit: true nobility comes not from winning over others, it comes in competing with your previous self, improving, learning, growing in your wisdom.

    That said, I do not deny that my own blogs started about marketing and still are, however they are to market a movement and a message of aloha. They are about the mission of my business and my work, and I'm very very fortunate that my work, my writing, and my business are all one and the same - and that being able to blog about these things brings me such joy and satisfaction.

  2. I really liked your story on the fireside story tellers. I think your analogy of the storyteller and blogs is very good. I do not understand the the part of your post on A-listers etc... I have never had the goal of being in the technorati top 100 or anything like that. I don't even know how to read the rankings etc... I am as technical with computers and computer language as your great great Grandfather would have been. I do think that the successful blog is a good site. by obtaining the tag from the site does not in anyway make me think that I am a successful or outstanding blogger. I like the tag because I think it is funny (and believe that is the intention of it)I used to use that in jest and found it interesting. I think that blogging is a great educational tool and has an element for marketing, as Rosa states. It is always interesting to learn how others view you. I have said many times that Troy Worman and Steve Sherlock are the kings of blogs. The quantity of blogs that you contribute to is mind numbing. You have very relevant and quality post in all of them. "I like the kulia i ka nu'u view of the competitive spirit: true nobility comes not from winning over others, it comes in competing with your previous self, improving, learning, growing in your wisdom" That may be the best quote I have heard about the power of blogging. I am not interested in rankings, they do not put food on my table. The education and the interface do make me stronger. Keep the momentum going and thanks for your candid exchange, although I think we misunderstood each others intentions.

  3. I just don't get it.
    How can not blogging for a bit lower your technorati ranking?
    Isn't it just based on number of inbound links?
    Could someone please explain?

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