Monday, October 04, 2004

Dodge Poetry Festival - Day 4

Not a full day this time, unfortunately I needed to hit the road to
return home. I did start with another dose of Rumi in the morning. This
time Coleman Barks was accompanied by David Darling (on cello) and Steve
Gorn (who played a saxophone or one of a variety of bamboo flutes).

A "Conversation on the Poet as Citizen" with Edward Hirsch, Paul
Muldoon, and Cecilia Vicuna provided much food for thought.

Followed by another session of "Poets Amongst Us" featuring Nzadi
Keita, Marty McConnell, and Sander Zulauf. All offered good readings,
good insights, and good energy. Marty even brought her own "cheering
section" with her.

Then off to the road. The festival still had some time to run and some
of the signature poets were still scheduled for the main stage but I
needed to hit the road. It was a very good 3 plus days. I heard well
over 300 poems spoken for the most part by the authors own voice, in his
or her language (Spanish, Arabic, French, and English). I'll use my
notes to continue to recap the time here in more detail.

It will be another two years before this event comes around again. If
you have a chance to attend, I do highly recommend it.

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