Saturday, December 02, 2017

"I have not forgotten the face of my father"

Or my mother for that matter. I am re-reading Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series while my birthday rolls around. Yes, the birthday does come around once a year. It will take awhile to finish re-reading the series but that should be done before my next birthday comes around again.

If you would like to do something special, I would have you consider a donation to the Honor Flight organization. Honor Flight brings World War II veterans to Washington, DC. To see the memorials they fought for.

My brothers and I were fortunate to bring Dad there while he could get around. He treasured that trip. Your help to bring the few WW II veterans that are left while they can go, is worth it.

And since I have not forgotten the face of my mother (who left us at too young an age) I'd also suggest a contribution to the American Cancer Society. Cancer took both Mom and Dad.

Another photo at Division St. Would be later in the 70's I think.
Mom and Dad at Division St. (in the 70's )

Honor Flight

American Cancer Society

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