Saturday, January 19, 2013

Road race planning for non-profits

There are a number of Franklin based non-profits conducting a road race as a fundraiser for their organization. As a life long runner and volunteer on the board of a non-profit, this is a happy junction of interests! 

Some of the organizations are relatively new to the race arena, so I thought it would make sense for the organizers to get together. Those with experience can share the best of what they have learned. 

Perhaps the awareness of the other races can be shared with each others mailing list? Perhaps the scheduling of some of the races can be spread around the calendar to avoid conflicts. Such learning and sharing should help all to create a more successful race for their respective organizations.

Who would NOT want a more successful race?

  • More runners
  • Better prepared to execute the race
  • Less hassles
  • More communications about the race/cause

I spent a few minutes this morning in Google looking for best practices in road race organization. Some of these links you may have found before but if not, they may be helpful to take from them to create a better race. 


A road race planning guide from RunBritain

Road Runners Club of America

Individual shares his best practices via YouTube

From the Run/Walk/Ride organization, a collection of articles around best practices in fundraising and race management

Road Race Management offers a book for members and non-members

Active.Com has a section on fundraising

They also offer services like event management

USA Track & Field Association documents on long distance running

Chicago Area Runners Association has this link with some good info
These general guidelines largely address administrative tasks.   Use this
checklist as a guide to elements which make for a well-conceived and executed

Do you have any road race best practices that you would like to share?
Please leave a comment or send me an email!

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