Tuesday, January 15, 2013


There is so much happening and it is so early in the new year.

Aunt Martina's wake is later today, funeral tomorrow

One of the classmates of my daughters died suddenly on Sunday

Preparations for Allison's wedding continue to make progress. My quick line is I don't have to do much; just walk down the aisle and write the check. Can't really get away from all the rest of the preparations though!

Hence, in the middle of all of this, it was refreshing to spend time listening to

Opening to Our Lives: Jon Kabat-Zinn's Science of Mindfulness (Dec 27, 2012) [encore]Jon Kabat-Zinn has learned, through science and experience, about mindfulness as a way of life. This is wisdom with immediate relevance to the ordinary and extreme stresses of our time -- from economic peril, to parenting, to life in a digital age.

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