Thursday, February 09, 2012


A light week for my listening items. Almost completely caught up to what I listen to regularly. Driving in this morning didn't feel like starting one of the books I have queued up. Decided to give Pandora a try while driving.

Aside from not being able to plus or minus any of the songs, or find out who or what is being played (when I don't recognize the voice), it provided some pleasant listening.

Along the way, two songs came on back to back that prompted a mental note for a sherku. Yes, can't write while driving either such a hassle :-)

So thanks to the serendipity of Ellis Paul and Dave Matthews perhaps combing in a way neither had foreseen here it is:

Sherku: serendipity

The world ain't
Slowing down
I am not
A stranger
In the hands
Of my Maker 

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