Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time to thaw the freezer

What? Thaw the freezer?

Yes, this is a great time. When you thaw the freezer, you either have to have worked down to have almost nothing in there or if you have stuff, you need to put it somewhere cold to keep while the freezer thaws. During the middle of the summer is not a good time with the high heat and humidity. But the current New England weather is a great time.

We have a three-season porch. This is the time of year we don't use it, the temp out there is about 10-15 degrees above what ever the outside temperature is. So most days recently, it was as cold as the freezer!

What we did have in the freezer went into some coolers (more to help with the handling than to keep cold) and then to the porch. Some items in plastic bags actually went outside the door into the snow on the porch.

The freezer door was left open, the light on. Some trays to collect the water and ice chunks as the melt occurred were positioned strategically.

This morning, the freezer shelves are clear and clean. There are chunks in the trays! Nice catch! and the towels are soaked so they ended up in the dryer. (I suppose to be more green, I could have hung them to air dry but that would take some time in this weather.)

Now we can put all the frozen goods back in and take inventory as we go.

Why don't you thaw your freezer one of these nice New England winter weekends?