Thursday, January 13, 2011

Questions that matter

Good morning, time for #the5 before I head off to work.

Job Search Jam Sessions: A whole lot of bull!  
Scott McKain who wrote the book, Collapse of Distinction, would like this crocheting effort. What can you do to be distinct within your realm?

Zoetica Salon: A Couple of Good Resources  me: a couple is an understatement! @ shares 
 Definitely an understatement. A couple? It will take some time to go through those links, one of them (a Randy Pauch speech on time management) is in and of itself an hour long. Lots of goodness there.

4 Questions For Happiness and Success  "start immediately rebuilding your momentum towards the results you want" 
Progress doesn't have to be immediate, it should be consistent. It takes a step at a time. @cspenn has these four questions to ask yourself to ensure that you are doing what you need to do.

Common Craft Cut-Outs as Wall Art  me: talk about re-purposing your content, this is a good one! 
Not much more to say about the simple idea for re-purposing content? It is so simple. What can you re-purpose?

The Dramatic Photos That Show The Haitian Crisis Is Far From Over  me: pictures do tell the story 
The earthquake is a year old. The disaster continues.

What kind of impact do you want?
How can you be distinct?
How can you manage your time to do it all?

What have you learned that you can share?