Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dark buttons

The garage door opener gave out last week. We had the old unit replaced with a new one and it opens nicely now.

The opener comes with two remote units, one for each car to use it. I gave Dolores the one with the single button. Makes it easy to use although the unit is all black. On the prior unit, the button was white the unit was black. The contrast enough to see the button in the dark and operate it properly.

On my remote unit, shown above, there are three buttons. What two do, I really haven't figured out yet. The middle one, now covered with the smiley face is the key one to use to operate the door. The smiley face is bright enough to find in the dark.

So the question is, as this is an update model from the same manufacturer: Why go from the white button to the black button? Maybe to save money but you defeat the usability of the unit by doing so? Had I a choice, I would not have picked this unit. I would have preferred one with a white or at least a button that would be more visible in the dark than this is.