Friday, January 14, 2011

Consistency is the key

Good morning, just about enough time for #the5 before I really have to get my run in and then head to work.

"Be proactive about bringing out your strengths" PodCamp WesternMA is a good place to start!  

snow bound in the house, no worries, @ has 5 Fast and Easy Cardio Ideas at Home  

PodCamp WesternMA, 2/5/11 my proposed session will be "I’m on LinkedIn, now what?"   

The Power Of Comments  @ nails it "we do judge the content based on comments " 

Trust, Violence and Congresswoman Giffords  "a society that seeks trust in self-defined groups" 

Because I need to run (physical health is a good base for the rest!), I'll get right to the summary. What I think links these today is the sense of "content within context", presenting a complete and wholesome image whether personal or brand. It matters either way. Being open, i.e. transparent, and then consistently operating within that framework is hard. Consistency is key. Life provides so many opportunities to deviate. One deviation leads to another, then the slippery slope arrives and you end up somewhere else - wondering how and why?