Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lowell Folk Festival - quick recap

I spent the afternoon in the hot sun at the Lowell Folk Festival today. It was worth it as I took a tour around the musical folk land. Starting with bluegrass (the Steep Canyon Rangers) to kosher gospel (yes, really! performed by Joshua Nelson) to Cape Verdian (Maria deBarros) to Irish (BUA) to Quebecois (De Temps Antan) and finally to close the afternoon to Cajun (Bruce Daigrepont).

I sweated but didn't mind it, the music was good. Other than some technical issue not resolved with Maria deBarros that created a jarring sound that I think hindered her performance, all went well. It did get dark clouds overhead for a bit to provide some respite for the sun. Fortunately, the rains held off.

I had the inspiration for at least three sherku (one, two, three) with more possible.

I took a bunch of photos so stay tuned for some of those to appear here.

Which group did I like the best?
It was really not contest, DeTemps Antan won the crowd and I with their enthusiasm. The conditions were trying (hot, humid) but all had the same gig.

BUA and Steep Canyon Rangers came closest for consideration.

Joshua Nelson was a pleasant surprise.

Next year will be the 25th Lowell Folk Festival. Each that I have attended (about eight in person, at least 13 via the WGBH broadcast) have been special.