Monday, May 24, 2010

Bert Jacob's advice

The University of New Hampshire Class of 2010 graduated on Saturday, May 22. Someone made a mistake in counting/allocating chairs for the graduating class so the ceremony was delayed while there was a scramble to set up additional chairs.

Once underway, the miscue on chairs was forgotten. Bert Jacobs, co-founder of Life is Good, gave the commencement address. He delivered his remarks with a dose of reality and spiced them with some Frisbees tossed into the crowd.

His message was to live life with simplicity, to live with optimism (the glass half full), and to give oneself to a worthy cause. If one did all three things, he said they would be successful and happy.

What has the picture of the red shoes got to do with the slideshow?
Well, they were worn by one graduate. At one point, clicking the heels together to go elsewhere may have crossed their mind like it did mine. They stayed for the ceremony (just as I did) and hopefully took in the three important points that Bert shared.

With Bert's approach to life, you wouldn't need to click your heels to go somewhere else. Where you are would be important enough to stay.

Life is good, enjoy!