Tuesday, March 02, 2010


The five things shared today on Twitter!

Are you a Linchpin, a Genius, or an Alaka‘i Manager? http://bit.ly/augOOx "how can we describe a more universal “Global Dream” #the5

The Importance of Having a 'Home Base' When Using Social Media http://bit.ly/9kitf0 #the5 create someplace to be!
Roadmap: Make Your Corporate Websites Relevant by Integrating Facebook, Google, MySpace, LinkedIn, or Twitter http://bit.ly/ahgnVA #the5

Gen X Leaders: Start Making Friends http://bit.ly/98aLOU "Gen X, you need the benefits of relationships" #the5

Your Facebook will freeze like that http://bit.ly/bj4YQh "Be yourself" great advice #the5

What can you share today?