Thursday, January 07, 2010


My good buddy Christopher S Penn has started a new hash tag this year, #the5. When you find good things to share, particularly at the start of the day, share them on Twitter with this tag. You can then search the tag and see all the items shared this way.

This reminds me of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Blogosphere that is now in hibernation and more interactive than the Very Short List.

My sharing for Wednesday:

@bethrobinson writes "take different perspectives into account to create a new whole" #the5

@pauldiamond writes "what keeps you going is a source with great potential for moral support" #the5
@rickhamrick writes "great change is more likely if you first drop everything and start again" #the5 @jjlhui
@mcleod shares "School is no longer constrained 2 how far bus can travel in AM. Schools will be last 2 notice." #the5
@anildash writes "Nobody has a million followers on Twitter" #the5
What have you found worthy of sharing?
Have you used the tag #the5?


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