Sunday, January 31, 2010

Papyrus framed

When Carolyn returned from her semester of study in Greece, she brought back this lovely papyrus depicting "The tree of life"

To preserve and protect this, we had it framed by Jane's Frames in downtown Franklin, MA.

She did a wonderful job selecting just the right shading of matting to pick up the colors from the papyrus. The wooden frame itself helps to pick up the grain from the tree. We have this proudly hung in our family room.

Thank you Carolyn for bringing this back for us.
Thank you Jane for the wonderful framing work.

You too can have something framed by Jane. Especially as she has a 30-60% off sale to help clear out some stock that she has had for a while. Something on sale might just be perfect for what you are looking to frame.

Disclosure: Dolores and I paid for the frame taking advantage of the sale prices.

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