Monday, November 16, 2009

job search notes: confidence, tweeting, keywords

 1 - Keeping up your confidence is a key to the successful job search effort.
Myers story echoes that of many other job seekers who have been shell-shocked by successful careers suddenly yanked out from under them, cut adrift in a flooded job market. The lack of confidence that comes from unsuccessful bids to find jobs starts to wear on their confidence.

“In the beginning of a layoff, there’s no reason to think that your skills won’t be transferable and you’ll find other opportunities,” says Leslie Sokol. “But when you begin knocking on doors and nothing happens, the confidence starts to turn to pessimism. We become more doubt-activated, and when that happens, then we’re really in trouble.”
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2 -  You can now integrate your tweets into LinkedIn. Yup, they also just announced an app for that here. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. What is your message? Who are you targeting? If you think that the answers lie within LinkedIn then go ahead.

3 - More good advice from Marci Reynolds:

Regardless of the keywords and phrases for your desired position, you should present yourself in an authentic, honest manner. Choose the verbiage that best matches your unique and impressive qualifications, experience, training and education.
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    Steve... Thanks for the mention in today's post!


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