Monday, October 05, 2009

job search notes: good links

Here are some good links to follow to help add to your job search toolkit.

1 - I would add to this that while it is good to target to meet certain folks in your area of interest, it is also just as important to be prepared to talk with them about something that you can help them with. In the course of the conversation, be prepared to share something that should help them. Be subtle about this. Don't just walk up and shove your card in their face.

Who Do You Want to Meet?

from Networking Insight

2 - Have you heard of the JOLT? I hadn't

The September JOLT told every reader that the unemployment picture was far from rosy, and the trend appears to remain headed downward. You can read the details at the Government site, available at . The information indicates that we have 2.4 million total job openings in the USA and we have 15.1 million unemployed people. This simple math is at the fingertips of every newscaster and politician, yet nobody wants to say the reality. If every available job, from fruit picker to CEO, was filled today we would have nearly 13 million unemployed people, not to mention the marginally employed and underemployed. Another way of saying the reality is that for every job there are seven unemployed people.
 Read the full article on JOLT here:

Do you need a JOLT?

from randori mind, control the chaos

3 - Despite the depressing numbers from JOLT, there will be opportunities for an interview so you should be prepared. One way is to follow Tim writing about Interview Week:
During INTERVIEW WEEK you will hear about the finer points of interviewing strategy.  Points to help you during the interview day.  And I hope to hear that you've found a few new ideas.

Welcome To Interview Week. Are You Ready?

from Spin Strategy - Blog

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