Wednesday, September 16, 2009

job search notes: Job Fair take aways

The recent Job Fair sponsored by the United Regional Chamber of Commerce and hosted at the Living Waters Church in North Attleboro featured two good speakers; Ann Crawford and Bill Napolitano.

Ann spoke during the morning and started by talking about knowing your comfort zone, being comfortable with it, and learning to move outside the zone. Moving outside the zone is sometimes where the real grow occurs and where we may need to go.

The best thing Ann did was as she finished,  she gave us an exercise to get up and network with those around us (that we did not know) in the audience. It was a good way to start and a great way to get everyone talking. Some of the conversations lingered for a while.
Bill spoke about "straight talk" during the afternoon. In the course of the week, there are 168 hours. He asked us to quantify how we are using them? Consider that you are working for commission. How are you spending your time? Are you doing something to earn for today, earn for tomorrow, and keep learning to stay current?

One good reminder on building our brand Bill shared was with the story of the McDonald's commercial and the line "Two all beef patties..." Most folks can still recall the line years after the commercial was aired. But because it was aired so many times, so much repetition, folks can still recall it in detail. If we were only as consistent with our message, our elevator pitch, consider how much that would help us!

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