Monday, May 18, 2009

Where did the day go?

How did it all go by so quickly?

Took Dad to his doctor's appointment, we did a walk together, and then lunch before I left him. A couple of quick errands then off to the Milford Career Center for a seminar on the unemployment services they offer. Similar to that provided by the outplacement services the company thoughtfully provided so there was nothing new except for more connections to make. One of which provided a tip that seems worthwhile.

Back home to catch up on email and get ready for a phone call with the Guardian Angel of JobAngels. We met at SOBCon and wanted to continue our conversation. This was a convenient time to do so.

Queued some sherku over at quiet poet. I have a draft summary of Governor Deval Patrick's visit to Franklin yesterday amongst a number of other writing tasks to complete. I'll tackle those with a fresh start in the AM.

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