Monday, May 11, 2009

job search notes: complete LinkedIn profile without a picture

How do you complete your profile without adding your picture?

You joined LinkedIn and work to complete your profile by adding positions, interests, join a couple of groups, get a couple of recommendations but are hesitant to add your picture. Without the picture your profile will not be "complete".

Sabra Davis pondered this very question. She also had the "duh" moment that saved her and can save you.

LinkedIn doesn't really know that you have a picture of yourself or a business logo. The application is really looking for a JPG file!

Sabra had several JPG files with color samples from a prior work project. She uploaded a white JPG file and voila, her profile is complete without her picture!

Many thanks to Sabra for sharing this ah-ha moment!

You can connect with her on LinkedIn here

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