Monday, May 11, 2009

Book review: Linked Working

Frank Agin and Lewis Howes have written a quick and easy reader on the real networking opportunities using LinkedIn; Linked Working.

The format of the books is straight forward. Each chapter outlines a best practice and includes a personal story from someone who has succeeded via that practice. This makes for a compelling argument. Lewis closes the book with the following:
"Yes, LinkedWorking works. From my experience, that is what I have concluded. It takes some work, as there is no magic here. Nevertheless, if you are willing to consistently put in some effort on LinkedIn and follow what we have set forth in this book, you will conclude the same, and you will generate opportunities, contacts and success in the process."

I buy this. I'll admit I have bought this for sometime. I am using the process and feel confident that I will be successful. I'll be updating my efforts regularly so you'll know quickly how I am doing.

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