Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Discloure Statement

  • This blog doesn't accept ads or sponsorships.
  • I don't own stock or accept royalties from any company or product mentioned on this blog.
  • I don't serve on the board of any company.
  • If the occasion were to come up, I would consider accepting samples of stuff with a nominal value (under $20 or so).
  • I will tell you that there is no correlation between mentioning stuff and whether or not someone sent it to me.
  • I write about what I find interesting and I think will interest you as a reader.

My goal in maintaining this blog is to share my ideas and hopefully create a conversation that will generate something more than we each started with.

My success will be determined by your readership and comments (or lack thereof).

I consider myself an amateur writer, a professional learner.

Specifically with regards to the Franklin override votes that occurred previously on May 22, 2007, and June 10, 2008:

You should be aware that my wife is a kindergarten teacher in Franklin. My two daughters are recent (2004, 2006) graduates of Franklin High School and both are doing well. One has completed college and is now out in the working world. The other is in the middle of her college years.

There are a few other good reasons for me to be writing about this issue. I will continue to elaborate on them here.

One last matter: a number of folks have asked me from time to time, if I would consider running for a local office (either Town Council or School Committee).

The answer has been “No”.

I expect that the answer will not change anytime soon. Especially now, while I am looking for work, I can not commit to something like running for a town position when I don't know what my work commitment will be. I also feel that I am providing a valuable public service in the writing and sharing of the information that I currently provide here on Steve's 2 Cents (or Franklin Matters).

I do this as my hobby. I was fully employed and did my blogging/writing, etc. in my "off hours".

I expect to be fully employed again. Until that time, I will be working and networking to identify that opportunity.

Updated 9/28/09 - I have accepted a short-term contract position with Veritude working at Fidelity Investments. I will continue to explore a longer-term option.

Updated 2/1/2010 - the contract position has been completed, I am now resuming my search efforts.

Updated 9/9/10 - I have taken a contract position with Modis working on a project at Citizens Bank in East Providence, RI.

Disclosure Announcement 8/25/10

If anything changes with what I have said here, I will let you know.

I promise.

Note: this replaces the disclosure statement I did in 2005.

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